Folk Instrument

Turkish musical folk instruments can be classified as follows:

1- String Instruments

a) Played with a plectrum
b) Played with fingers
» Bağlama
  » Tar

2- Bow Instruments

  » Kabak Kemane
  » Karadeniz Kemençesi

3- Wind Instruments

  » Zurna
  » Kaval
  » Çığırtma
  » Mey
  » Tulum
  » Sipsi
  » Çifte

4- Percussion

  » Davul
  » Nağara
  » Tef
  » Kaşık

Folk Architecture

Local (folk) Architecture is a real living environment created by indigenous people for themselves. We may also define Local Architecture as an architecture formed in the process of an anonym design, becoming traditional under general impacts of local architecture.
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Folk Culture

  » Folk Plays - Spectacle Plays - Shows
  » Nevruz
  » Hıdırellez
  » Death Traditions and Graveyards
  » Beliefs, Traditions, Visit Places
  » Wedding Tradition
  » Local Theatres
  » Turkish World
  » Folk Medicaments
  » Common Usage, Custom, Tradition and Convention
  » Local Calendar
  » Local Meteorology
  » Folk Literature
  » Superstitions
  » Turkish Humanism and Anatolian Muslim Saints (Dervishes)

Traditional Customes

The costumes and head dresses worn by the Anatolian folks regularly used until recent times and still adorned at weddings and ceremonies, vary from region to region.
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Culinary Culture

Nutritional habits are shaped according to the prevalent cultural - geographical - ecological - economic characteristics and features and the historical process.

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