History of The Side Museum

Located in Side town of Manavgat District. 8 km away from Manavgat. Antique agora bath from AD 5-6th centuries dating from Roman Age was restored in 1960/61 and converted into museum.

Majority of arts being exhibited in the museum are the ruins discovered by Prof. Dr. Arif M�fid Mansel from excavations made during 1947-1967 in Side ancient town. There are inscriptions, weapon embossing from Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods, sculptures of which copies of Greek originals were made in Roman Period, torso, temples, tomb stells, portraits, ostotecs and column pedestals are exhibited in the museum.

The Arts exhibited in Bath Building (Museum)

Number 1 Hall (Fridigarium)
Some basalt crater from Late Hittites Period, weapon embossing arts from Hellenistic Period, sun clocks, temples from Roman period are exhibited.

Number 2 Hall (Sudatorium)

Torso from Roman period are exhibited.

Number 3 Hall (Caldarium)
Inscription from Hellenistic Period, amphores from Roman Period, Heracles, three beauty, Nike sculptures and embossing arts are exhibited.

Number 4 Hall (Tepidarium)
Tombs from Roman period, Hermes, Hygieia, Athena, Nike, Apollon sculptures, torso and portraits are exhibited.

Exhibited Arts:
Ostotheks tombs, columns, column pedestals, column heads, embossing arts, inscriptions, stells and various architectural parts from Hellenistic and Roman periods are exhibited.