The building which is located in the Arifiye section of the city was built in 1921 and housed the Court of Appeals. The building has two storeys including the ground floor is built of stone at the ground floor, with bearing brick walls upstairs.

The museum was organized to keep the relics from oor Great Leader Atatürk who has visited 16 times between the years 1920 - 1938 and it was opened to public in 1970. One section of the museum is reserved for Atatürk where his personal belongings and the gifts given to him during his visits are displayed in chronoligical order.

In the second and the third hall there are ethnographical items from Topkapı Palace Museum and those collected from the region and photograps from Eskişehir visits of Atatürk.

This section also hosts a collection which shows the progress of meerschaum, which is characteristic to the city and which is also named 1white gold", from excavation, to processing to final use.

Books on Atatürk are exhibited at the central hall.