The house which is located in Dede neihborhood of Odunpazarı section is a typicalexample of wood architecture of 19th century.

The house which belongs to Halil İbrahim Efendi (Sipaahioğlu) who was a member of the first term of the Parliament is known as "the house of Yeşilefendi" and as an added signifance as Atatürk was hosted there.

The men's quarters (selamlık) section of the house was opened to public visits in 1984 following restoration.

The building, which is constructed in "Bağdadi" style of lathe and plaster, consists of a basement and a floor over the ground level. Wood workmanship on ceilings, doors and cupboard are extremely well done. The main room which has a hearth and a bay window is richer in decoration compared to the others. The museum is arranged to reflect domestic life at 19th century and local ethnographic items are also displayed.