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Educational and training services are provided for Turkish citizens living abroad through 39 representations, including 21 Educational Consultancies and 18 Educational Attaches.

There are Turkish Educational Consultancies in Washington, London, Paris, Bonn, the Hague, Brussels, Bern, Vienna, Stockholm, Riyadh, Moscow, Tbilisi, Nicosia, Cairo, Copenhagen, Almaty, Ashkhabad, Baku, Bishkek, Dushanbe, Tashkent,

and Turkish Education Attaches in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Strasbourg, Essen, Frankfurt, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, Munster, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Mainz, Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Lion and Sydney.

There are 798,096 Turkish students receiving education abroad and 1,025 teachers in 24 different branches who are sent from Turkey. Morever, there are 44 instructors at Turcology chairs of universities abroad. Within the framework of cooperation started with the Central Asian Republics and the Turkish Communities in the field of education-training; 12 schools and 6 Education Training Centers for the Turkish language of Turkey were opened in the Central Asian Republics. Education and training services are given in these places to 3,721 students by 246 teachers. Within the quotas allocated for the Central Asian Republics, there are currently 8,064 students from these countries in Turkey.