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Non-formal education, one of the two main components of the national education system, includes training, education, guidance and application activities organized in addition to, or outside of, formal education for individuals who have never entered the formal education system, or individuals who are at a certain level of the formal education, or who have left these levels.

The objective of non-formal education is to teach reading and writing to adults who did not have the opportunity to learn reading and writing, to give them basic information, to develop their knowledge and abilities acquired during the last educational level that they attended and to create new opportunities to enable them to earn their living.

Non-formal education is composed of two basic components which are general and vocational technical non- formal educational programs. The Practical Arts Schools for Girls, Advanced Technical Schools for Girls, Industrial Practical Arts Schools, Technical Education Centers for Adults, Public Education Centers and Apprenticeship Training Centers are some of the non-formal education institutions. Non-formal education may be classified as public education, apprenticeship training and distance education.