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These educational institutions are composed of every stage and type of schools opened in accordance with Law No. 625 and private classrooms and courses. These institutions continue their activities under the supervision and surveillance of the Ministry of National Education. When the dimensions of educational activities are taken into consideration, it appears that it will be beneficial for some of the educational services to be carried out by the private sector.

As a matter of fact, in 1997 the necessary amendments were made in the law to make private education institutions widespread, to ensure the investment of entrepreneurs in the field of education, and great facilities were provided to the private sector on this subject. The share of private schools in general education today is 1.5 percent. It is planned to be increased to 6 percent in the short-term and to 15 percent in the long-term.

Extensive opportunities are provided for students in fee-paying private schools and especially foreign language education and education by computer are emphasized. A total of 238,079 students received education at 1,704 private schools at the level of preschool, primary and secondary education in the 1998-1999 school year and 21,000 teachers taught at these schools. Furthermore, educational activi- ties were carried out in this school year at 2,628 private courses and 1,759 private classrooms