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- History of Turkey
- Ancient Cities
- Ancient Architecture

An Outline of Turkish History from its Inception to 1923

- The Western Turks
- Turkish History in the Islamic Period
- The Ottoman State (1299-1923)
- The National War of Independence (1919-1923)

From 1923 to the Present

- Domestic and Foreign Policy During the Ataturk Period
- The Inonu Period and the Difficult Years During the War
- Transition to the Multiparty Period
- The 27 May Movement and the Interim Period
- The Active 1960s and the AP Period
- The 12 March Period and the Transformation in the CHP
- The Ecevit Administrations and the Nationalist Front Periods
- The 12 September Regime (1980-1983)
- The The First and Second Ozal Governments
- The Gulf Crisis

- The Transformation in the ANAP and the Period of Coalitions