The Young New Wave

The cinema was evaluated as an influencial branch of art by the younger generation after 1985. Scenario competitions organized and funded by the Ministry of Culture and the notable activities for the production of short films in the universities, brought to life a cinema of the intellectual young generation. In fact, Gizli Yuz (Hidden Face) by Omer Kavur, Piyano Piyano Bacaksiz (Piano Piano Kid) by Tunc Basaran, Imdat ile Zarife (Imdat and Zarife) by Nesli Colgecen, Karanlik Sular (The Dark Waters) by Kutlu Ataman, Hoscakal Yarin (Goodbye Tomorrow) by Reis Celik, Hamam (the Turkish Bath) by Ferzan Ozpetek, Istanbul Kanatlarimin Altinda (Istanbul Under My Wings) and Agir Roman (Heavy Novel/Gypsy) by Mustafa Altioklar, Tabutta Rovasata (An Overhead-kick in the Coffin) by Dervis Zaim, Masumiyet (Innocence) by Zeki Demirkubuz and Eskiya (Bandit) by Yavuz Turgul received domestic and foreign awards and predominated the contemporary Turkish Cinema. The new Turkish cinema which acquired international recognition, basically deals with psychosocial, cultural and historical themes and questions the past and present. It heralds a bright future.