Untitled Document Technological changes. disregarding all national boundaries, are sweeping the world and bringing people closer together.

Since the discovery of writing, perhaps 9,000 or 10.000 years ago. certain places in the world have been the stages for close contacts among different cultures, civilizations and religions.

Many sites in the Mediterranean basin easily share these characteristics. But it is in one region in the Mediterranean that these forces have lived together steadily without interruption.

This is Anatolia. Anatolia is the motherland of different faiths, it is the garden where they have grown. It is also the homeland of the Turks.

Anatolia has been a junction. or meeting place of all cultures, civilizations and beliefs since Neolithic times. The most striking synthesis of the three great monotheistic religions in the so-called Fertile Cresent came about in this peninsula.

Urban civilization first took root in Anatolia. That the three monotheistic religions chose Anatolia as a base to spread their beliefs is an important signal. The faiths, having lived together for centuries in this setting. left their traces throughout this land. The globalization taking place in the information age had its ethical beginnings built on the synthesis that took place in this region.

On behalf of the Turkish Republic, we welcome all those travelers to Turkey. seeking to find their roots while holidaying in the land of faiths.

In this guide, we provide itineraries for seven different tours in seven different regions of the country for those who wish to spend their holidays in Turkey. These tours will take you back thousands of years and introduce those ancient sites to you. This will give you the opportunity to experience traditional Turkish hospitality at first hand.